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Stories, Poems and Pieces about Today’s Workplace

About the American Short Story Author, Joe Cappello

Joe Cappello has written stories, poems and plays about families and the workplace for the past 35 years. He is driven by a natural curiosity about work and what people expect from their daily participation in it.

“There’s a simple beauty in deciding to make each day at work meaningful and productive, thriving to be engaged, involved and happy and working together with our colleagues to solve problems and make our organization successful."

"These are the issue I explore in my work and I look forward to sharing my observations with all of you in my workplace stories."

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Joe Cappello, an American short story author, has worked in a manufacturing/office environment most of his career and has written short stories, plays and poetry about his experiences. Recent publications include a short stories eBook, “Bridge to an End: Short Stories about Today’s Changing Workplace, “40 Acres and a Mouse,” Oddville Press, Volume II, Issue I 2014, “Maryanne Taught Me to Dance,” The Rusty Nail,” June/July 2013, and “Beautifully Tragic Richard,” in “Black & White,” Spring 2012, published by Red Ochre Press.