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Bridge to an End

A new manager tries to be open and receptive to his employees only to be put down by his boss who believes intimidation is the only way to lead.

Two managers fear for their jobs but come to the realization the only skills they have are tied to the very place that may put them into the street.

A salesman discovers that a customer he has been calling on for years is dying and he now has to deal with feelings he never knew he had.

“Bridge to an End” is a compilation of short stories about today’s workplace and our daily quest to make a living. Here are some excerpts: 

Excerpt from "Oooh Yah!":

Jim Bellino, Director of Marketing, pauses at Brian’s door…His gray eyes are mere slits whose laser beam stares fix on Brian waiting to be invited in, even though the two men have worked together and socialized for over 10 years. In college he wanted to be a writer, a poet of sorts, but settled for screws. To him the transition seemed appropriate.

Excerpt from “Crossing the River Acheron”:

“I need this job.” Bill was standing now, not sure how or why he got up. The woman attached to her desk looked up at him; the two pickers in the first row stopped what they were doing. “I can learn all that…what you said…I can…I’ll stay late…I’ll come early…you got to give me a chance...”

Excerpt from “Information Flow":

“…I asked him to bring me the Dancer contract to sign, it’s due today. I told him if your door was closed to knock and come right in. Ten minutes ago. I’ll bet you he’s standing out there right now.”
“Don’t be ridiculous, Kelly,” said Joe. But when Kelly got up and opened the door, Leo was standing outside, the top edge of the contract moist from where he had been running it between his lips staring at the door that now stood open before him.

Excerpt from "Out of the Box":

Chuck sits there, loose and cool, like a rubber band after someone shot it across the room. It obviously hasn’t hit him yet. No cases mean no display. And a trade show without a display is like a person without clothing.

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